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4 Rooms

Restaurant is located just in the heart of Old Riga, in a historic building, which was built as long ago as in 1201. Inside there remained a fragment of Riga defence wall, which was built from 1201 till 1210. In 4 rooms of the Restaurant you can see the historical ceiling formations from 18th century as well as reconstructed slabs of vaults on basement floor, built in 18th century along with building of the defence wall.

Meistaru str. 23 (Livu Square), Riga,,

B- bar

“The good bar sells sensations, not beverages!” – with this motto of B-bar we have successfully stayed in business for ten years, in spite of a saying that no one lives so long. As it is well known, one can become a real professional only with the years of practice, and we are proud to possess such an experience. The barmen, working in the both bars, have confirmed their excellent professionalism through participation in the various local and international barmen contest, where some of them have been awarded with the "Grand Prix”.

Doma Square 2, Riga,,

Kalku Varti

Restaurant located in the historical and business centre of Old Town. It presents you an opportunity to open the gate to a journey into the world of meals accompanied by the play of flavours and tastes of healthy and natural products revealing the mysteries of culinary traditions of various cultures. It offers a feast that may allure, surprise and satisfy, at the same time also revealing unknown aspects of the well known things.

Kalku str. 11a, Riga,,

La Boheme

Restaurant «La Boheme» is located in the beautiful Art Nouveau district of Riga, between Valdemara and Antonijas street, close to Riga Congress Hall and just opposite to the British Embassy.

J.Alunana str. 2A, Riga,,

Lido Recreation center

It is one of the most attractive public catering enterprises in the world and one of the most favourite places of family recreation in Riga. The Centre is characterized by a Latvian environment, tasty and various dishes, LIDO beer, live music every evening, and celebration of national festivities with gorgeous decorations and concerts! The main building of the LIDO Recreation Centre is one of the biggest and most beautiful log buildings in Europe, which can host 1000 guests.

Krasta str. 76, Riga,,


Livonija returns you to the Middle Ages in Latvia, or Livonija, as the region was known from the 11th to the 18th century. Upon passing down the stairs, you enter in a forgotten world of strolling minstrels, fair maidens and knights in shining armour. The menu specializes in local and traditional Latvian foods. Main focus on the menu is hearty meat dishes, which are individually spiced and seasoned with its own garnishes and sauces.

Meistaru str. 21 (Livu Square),,


One of the oldest restaurants in Riga, «Monterosso» was established in 1913. After re-opening in 2000 it quickly became a favorable dining place for sophisticated locals and international visitors alike. Carrying the heritage of it’s past into today’s glamour, «Monterosso» brings true Italian cuisine to the heart of Old Riga.

Valnu str. 9, Riga,,

Steiku Haoss

All ”Steiku Haoss” restaurants offer more than 17 different steaks which are prepared using only natural seasonings. Meat has been the most important foodstuff in peoples’ lives since time immemorial, therefore, we invite everybody to try real steak at our restaurants, which will be prepared in a way that preserves its nutritional value.

Meistaru str. 25 (Livu Square), Riga,,


Since restaurant Vincents was founded in 1994, it has grown to become one of the premier gourmet establishments in Eastern Europe. Its reputation has spread far beyond Latvia’s borders, with Prince Charles, Elton John, the Emperor of Japan and Heston Bluhmenthal among a very long list of prominent personalities and famous gourmands who have savoured the restaurant’s haute cuisine.

Elizabetes str. 19, Riga, ,

Address: Cesu street 31, 7k3, LV-1012, Riga, Latvia, Organisation No: 40003812761