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Art Nouveau Museum

Museum is located in the apartment where the outstanding Latvian architect Konstantīns Pēkšēns (1859 – 1928) lived until 1907. The building was constructed in 1903 as K. Pēkšēns' private house. The project for it is the work of K. Pēkšēns himself together with Eižens Laube, then a student of architecture. The building is notable for its extremely powerful dimensions and expressive silhouette. The ornamental reliefs, craftily incorporated in the architectonic shape, feature stylized motifs from the local flora and fauna – fir needles and cones and squirrels.

Alberta str. 12, Riga,,

Ethnographic Open-Air Museum

Today 118 folk architecture objects are exhibited in the territory of 87ha on the coast of Jugla lake in Riga. The museum collects documents and preserves the objects of folk building monuments of Latvian historical and ethnographical regions, along with evidence of the way of life and culture of the rural population, characteristic to the period from the 17th century until 40-ies of the 20th century.

Brivibas gatve 440, Riga,,

Fire Fighting Museum

In first floor visitor of museum are introduced in history of Latvian fire fighting services from 1865 until 1940. Fire technique (hand and steam pumps, engine pumps, fire vehicle "Chevrolet-Sux" of 1930 production, etc.) are exhibited in two wide rooms. Fire fighters helmets, tools, uniforms, fire alarm devices, hoses, nozzles, award symbols, medals, photos, documents and other objects are exhibited in showcases and panels. In museum special place provided for flags - symbol and identification mark of numerous voluntary fire fighters.

Hanzas str. 5, Riga, ,

Latvian Railway history museum

There are more than a thousand items, documents and photographs in the museum collection. Communications and signalling equipment, tools and instruments of railroad repairmen, uniforms and distinguishing badges, station interior objects, tickets and delivery notes are all on display. Station buildings and railway bridges built during the time of first Republic of Latvia, the history of the railway evolution in Riga city, as well as Latvian Railway personnel are shown in the exhibited documents and photographs.

Uzvaras blv. 2/4, Riga,,

Latvian War museum

The mission of the War museum is to save collective, historical memory of the nation about political and militarily history of Latvia, the influence of the military conflicts (especially 20th century World Wars) on the destiny of the nation and the reflection of these conflicts consequences, the historical character of Latvian soldiers and the popularization of the state defence system.

Smilsu str. 20 (Powder Tower), Riga, ,

Mentzendorff’s House

The Mentzendorff’s House – a branch of the Riga Museum of History and Navigation – brings you in the cosy atmosphere of the 17 th –18 th cent. dwelling house. Having been opened since May 18, 1992, it is the only museum presenting social culture traditions of wealthy Rigans. Exposition is arranged in the house built in 1695 and up to 1939 it has been a dwelling house with storage rooms and a shop. The house has been renovated by Polish company “PKZ” and under the guidance of architect Pēteris Blūms.

Grecinieku str. 18, Riga,,

Museum Historiae Medicinae

There are more than 199,000 items in the museums storage. Every year thematic exhibitions are made to reflect the questions that are topical to society and which society might find interesting and educational. The main exhibition is placed in the four floors of the museum in periodical order. The exhibition is designed to show the visitors the evolution of medicine, just the way that Pauls Stradins wanted to show it.

Antonijas str. 1, Riga, ,

Museum of Foreign Art

The museum is positioned as a point of cultural exchange where excellence is more important than national origin. This means that the museum doors will be open to Latvian art too. The museum wants to be a point of contact between East and West as well as for dialogue between the classical and the contemporary in the sense of both exhibits and form of perception. Another aspect of the new museum is harmony between the acquisition of knowledge and recreation as well as the breaking down of barriers between various forms of culture.

Dome square 6, Riga, ,

Museum of Photography

The museum is a division of the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation and is open for visitors since 1993. It is situated in an old merchant building from the 16th century, and in the exhibition halls the renovated colorful wall paintings and the historic parquet flooring ornament can be seen. The building is located near the Riga Film Museum and the Latvian Sport Museum on Alksnaju street in one of the oldest building areas of Riga dated from year 1500.

Marstalu str. 8, Riga,,

Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation

The Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation is the oldest in Latvia and the whole of the Baltics, and one of the oldest in Europe. The Museum is situated in Old Riga, in a remarkable architectural monument of the 13th–20th centuries – the ensemble of the Riga Dom.

Palasta str. 4, Riga,,

Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

The Museum's goal is to portray life during the three occupation periods suffered by Latvia and Latvians. The items of the exhibition tell about Latvia during the fifty+ year-long subjugation: about power politics, about Soviet and Nazi terror, about the destruction of Latvia's economy, about Soviet and Nazi totalitarian ideologies, about the opposition to the regimes, and finally how Latvians regained their freedom in 1991.

Strelnieku square 1, Riga,,

Natural History Museum of Latvia

The Natural History Museum of Latvia is the largest and one of the oldest complex museums of natural history and sciences in Baltic States. The Natural History Museum of Latvia originated from the museum of Riga Naturalists Society (Der Naturforscherverein zu Riga) that was founded in 1845.

Kr.Barona str. 4, Riga,,

Riga Aviation Museum

The Riga Aviation Museum developed over the past 40 years. It became a private museum in 1997 without any support from the Latvian state. This aviation museum is unique in the Baltic countries and one of the largest in Europe. Its collection of Soviet aircraft is also the greatest in in outside of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

near the Riga International Airport, ,

Riga Film Museum

The Riga Film Museum is special with its both close-up and personal attitude, and high quality standards in everything it offers. The compact and cozy facilities are a perfect venue for meetings, exchanging ideas, and learning not only for the industry professionals, but for any visitor. The Museum hosts an exhibition space, a screenings room which regularly boosts screenings and talks, and a cinematheque offering a wide range of Latvian and foreign cinema classics.

Peitavas str. 10/12, Riga,,

Riga Motor Museum

Riga Motor Museum is the largest antique vehicle museum in Baltic countries. It has gained acknowledgement in Europe and further afield. Riga Motor Museum is a state owned culture institution functioning both in Latvian and international professional environment, available to the public for research, education, and enjoyment. It is working in the interests of widest society by collecting, preserving, restoring, researching, and communicating antique vehicles as a part of industrial heritage and material culture.

S.Eizensteina str. 6, Riga,,

Riga Porcelain Museum

The core of the collection consists of 6383 articles which in the year 2001 were taken over by the city after the closure of the museum of the joint stock company ”Rīgas Porcelāns”. The greatest part of this collection are articles which were manufactured at the Riga Porcelain Factory from the 1950s to 90s thus giving a more or less complete idea of the serial porcelain ware design of the time, which is represented by numerous services.

Kaleju str. 9/11, Riga, ,

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