Spend a few hours in a lovely spa and wellness center where You are the centre of attention of highly skilled and qualified spa terapeuts. Baltic countries have long traditions with spa and wellness and we highly recommend to spend a few hours while you are staying there.

Although this is not only a typical "girls activity", this is also very good for the guys!






Joker Relax Club



As a perfect ending to your stay, we rent one of the best known and sauna and relaxation clubs "Joker". Here you will find Finnish and Turkisk sauna and jacuzzies, pools and more. Supplement with a massage to rejuvinate those muscles after days of wandering the streets of Riga. Light food and drinks can also be arranged poolside.

Duration about 2 hours

Quantity: max 90 persons



Day excursion to Jurmala, Latvia by SPA



How about spending a full (or half) day in the beautiful town of Jurmala, 25 km outside Riga? Jurmala was in the past the spa and beach town wherethe Soviet elite came to relax "in Europe", enjoy lazy days on thebeach in summer and other rehabilitation.


Today Jurmala hosts great villas and beautiful wooden houses, majestic buildings and at bears witnesses of prosperity. But of course the town is also for the "man in the street", as you will especially see during the summer and autumn season with the town and beach full of people.


In Jurmala there are a numerous outdoor restaurant in the main street Jomas iela, and that one also has the beautiful 30 km long white sandy beach at your disposal. As a spa destination Jurmala is also very popular and the city's two largest spa hotels are Hotel Jurmala SPA and Baltic Beach.


We recommend the Hotel Jurmala SPA, as this hotel is most focused on Scandinavian and International clients, while the Baltic Beach, both owned and market themselves specific against Russians. Hotel Jurmala SPA also has higher capacity for spa treatments.


Prices depends on the treatments.








Tallinnis a city known for its many spa centers and spa hotels. There are a number of spa centers / hotels with large spa facility, as well as a large pool and water park options. If you want to have fun or relaxation in the pool with swim-up bar, or if you prefer a few hours of total relaxation and wonderful spa treatments with amazing prices, then the possibilities are endless in Tallinn. Everything from classical treatments to Asian massage are avaiable here in Tallinn.



Prices depends on the treatments.

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