Extreme Jetfighter flight

Experience some of the most extreme form of activity. Bucle up in a Aerovodohody L-39C Albatros Jetfighter. These planes were developed in the old Soviet Union, in what was once Tsjekkiaslovakia. The aircraft were/are primarily used for training and education of fighter pilots, but the aircraft type have also been used by some nations in battle. The aircraft has a maximum speed of 900 km/h and can achieve outrageous 8G. The wildest adrenaline junkie will get all his needs satisfied in Riga. There will naturally be a briefing with those taking part in flying, where elementary rules of aerodynamics, ABC for flight, the introduction of instruments and its importance and of course it will safty and security briefing and review. All participants will be examined by a doctor before the flight!

Each flight last about 30 minutes and the passenger will get to experience what this machine is good for: Loops, rolls, combat turns, low-flying, upside-down flight and more. How many G forces and how widely it will be depends on how tough the individual feel and deal with the pilot. All are equipped with a bag for vomitting (no joke!). All participants will receive a "Certificate of Fligth" after the flight.

Please note that this is very much defined as an extreme activity among insurance companies, so make sure that the participants have insurance that cover the extreme sports!


NB! It is possible to fly up to 7 people at one time, including formation flying. A unique feature probably in all Europe, where usually only 1 og 2 might be able to fly at one time.


Flylike Superman!


Have you ever wondered how it is to jump in parachute or to fly like a bird? Now, it is possible! Aerodium Free Fall Simulator provides flying experiences accessible for everyone in a  vertical wind tunnel. If you saw the ceremony of Torino 2006 Sport Olympics with flying people taking off from the ground, then you have an idea of what this is... An airborne person, not tied by any ropes or parachutes is FLYING in the most direct meaning of the word. The strong air flow in the wind tunnel allows you to lay on it and glide in the air (the wind tunnel generate winds of about 200 km/h or more which gives lift)


Before the flight, you will need to take a 30-minute preparation course, where you will be trained and provided with the necessary gear – the outfit, goggles, helmet, and gloves. The instructor will provide you with constant support during the flight.


We add 4 minutes oneachflight experience. 4 min is usally more than enough for beginners due to the heavy force the wind puts ont he body. Of course, if you prefer to fly longer, this can be purchased directly on site, if available capacity.


NB! Weight and hight restrictions! Max 200 cm high and Max 100 kg


Hot Air Balloon


Join us for an amazing experience - fly silently over the beautiful landscape. Experience an exciting flight hanging in in a basket under the big balloon full of hot air and enjoy the best views possible. It is one of the safest way to fly, even for people who have a fear of heights or flying.


Time: prox. 4 h, including transportation from Riga and 60-75 min flying (must be early morning or evening due to hot/cold air conditions).




Take a chance to experience exciting tours with these "Off-roaders" – four-wheel drives jeeps. The introduction of the professional instructor will help to learn about driving techniques through mud, snow, sand and other possible obstacle of off roads. We are happy to arrange for each individual to enjoy own driving behind the wheel! Depending on the weather, this can be quite a „dirty“ experience, but definately - it is the best way to see, feel and experience Latvia‘s beautiful countryside!


ATV driving


Join us ATV driving in Riga. Its great fun driving on the track and it awakes the child within you. You can get to ride the ATW from about 30 minutesor more, dependingon how much one wants and budget of course.


It is possibleto drive 4 ATVs at once and a groupmust be divided into several smaller groups. This can also be organized as a "knock-out" cup and one person can be awarded a "grand master".


You will be given all necessary safety gear and rain gear if it were to rain (which really makes it even more fun to drive).


Shoot with Kalashnikov


How many places you can shoot with the Russian Kalashnikov? Join in and get a taste of the former USSR and experience shooting with real Russian weapons and machine guns! Shooting with Kalasnikov is just cool! Find the boy (man?) within you, and blast off the bullits in a flash, or be a little more sophisticated and take the time to hit in the middle of the target!

This is not only fun, it's insanely fun! We feel thatthis is the activity that our customers think is most fun and gives the most to talk about and many smiles and laughter. Fits also for the ladies! (It's cool to beat the guys at their home turf).


Option 1: Kalashnikov, Makarov, Glock and Winchester (pump). 7 rounds of each weapon
Option 2: Kalashnikov, Makarov and Glock


Time: From about 1 hour (depends on the number of persons)
Min 6


Go cart championship


For the competitive spirit motoring between your mates and try to step into Michael Schumaher’s racing shoes, we recommend visit the largest and most up-to-dated indoor carting track in the Baltic States located in Riga, the entertainment centre Go Planet. Experinece the adrenalin, speed and spirit of the competition on go-carting track in Riga! We will make sure that you will receive complete organized competiotion including prizes, diplomas, etc.


Time: From approximately 2 hours including transportation, rent, certificate, trophy, champagne, safety equipment.




Curling is a sport in which players slide stones across a sheet of ice towards a target area. Two players/teams take turns sliding heavy, polished granite stones across the ice curling sheet towards the house, a circular target marked on the ice. The purpose is to accumulate the highest score for a game. The curling tournament, including training and instructions is great fun for players.


Time: Approximately 4 hours. 
Should be number of people dividable by 4, as one team consists of 4 people





Hover craftdriving

Hovercraft "hoovers" on a cushion of air. This allows the vehicle to go both on land and on water. Driving a hovercraft is a lot easier than you might think. In less then 10 minutes you will have learned the most essential skills and you can travel alone with the boat. There are several different courses and programs, both by sea and land.
This is a year-round activity so be sure to wear clothes that fit according to the season. There are 3 Hoovers to be split amongst the group.


ATV cross

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) or Quad bikes are motorcycles with four wheels and off road capabilities. This is an exhilarating activity where you get test and drive these motorbike and can put your skills to the test.  Safety equipment is nessesery and it will be given at the placewith all instructions. ATV riding is suitable all year round, but as we like to say, "The poorer weather conditions, the more fun it is ... ". Be sure to have warm clothes and take extra clothes in case you get a bit “muddy”.


Shooting action

In Tallinn you can find one of northern Europe's best equipped shooting range. Experience the real hard-core action with these weapons. The are a number of different packages and prices, and even a special "Ladies package'. So there is nothing in the way that both men and women could experience something a bit different.

As the only shooting range in Northern Europe it is possible to shoot with both the Desert Eagle (the world's most powerful handguns), and Russian Kalashnikov, shooting "from the hip" (full automation is not possible because of EU law). If you would like to feel like "Dirty Harry" for a day, it is of course a number of Magnum pistols to choose from!

The shooting centre in Tallinn is very focused on instructions and safety and all the instructors speak fluent English and they have a strong customer focus. You may have tried shooting before, but we are almost certain that you have not experienced the same raw shooting like this!


Go-carting outdoor and indoor

In Tallinn you can experience real outdoor carting. With a 730 meter track, which is 8 m wide and has new EVO 5 carts can you experience the speed and excitement with friends or colleagues. Up to 10 people can drive together, which makes it one of the largest in the Baltics. The course has a security fence around the track and professional electronic timing system order to get accurate times and lap times in the competition.

There are also an indoor carting centre in Tallinn for winter carting or carting in case you wish to drive indoors rather than outdoors. The track is 300 meters, new and modern with all amenities and you can drive 6 people at one time.


Lada Rally

This is rally like you have never experienced it before. The modified Russian Ladas will give you a rally driving experience in a car which you would not normally associate with rally. It is said that Lada never was a good and easy car to drive, so you can test your skills in a "difficult" car. Of course, lacking the horsepower compering with today's rally cars, but it is fun anyway. This is an activity where you compete against one another side by side, at the same time. This is NOT a "demolition derby" where we should or could be allowed to crash into each other. There are instructions, training, necessary safety and competition. There are a seveal competitiin formats.

Max group size 50 pax, 20-30 is optimal.

There are also other various activities around the course. The motor centre also has a brand new conference room where it is also possible to arrange lunches and dinneres etc. In addition, there are two beautiful log cabins with sauna and bbq place, where you can take sauna after driving, have something cold to drink and chat about today's rally.

Address: Cesu street 31, 7k3, LV-1012, Riga, Latvia, Organisation No: 40003812761