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Medical services in Baltic countries offer a range of medical services and manipulations, including diagnostics, dentistry, narcology, oculist services, plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation  and reproductive medicine. Medical tourism provide a complete range of services – starting from transportation of the traveller to Baltic, placing in a clinic and arranging the medical services till escorting back to the travellers back country.


Medical services in a foreign country is a delicate issue, but if you are considering starting a treatment course in Latvia, you can be sure, that you will be served by an experienced and highly recommended agency, which will arrange the most professional medical staff in Baltic's, being internationally acclaimed specialists in their field.


Besides as a countries of medical tourism Baltic's is not only the best choice due to the high quality of services, prices and professionals, but it also a place to improve your health. Baltic's are not crowded with people and has a mild climate that helps curing faster.


If you are afraid of your language skills we can always organise translator.





Amalgam filling
from 20 EUR
Composite (tooth coloured) filling
35 - 80 EUR
Root canal treatment
32 - 45 EUR
Root canal filling
29 EUR
Treatment plan
15 EUR


Tooth X – ray
Digital orthopantomogram
30 EUR


Tooth extraction
from 20 EUR
Complicated tooth extraction
from 55 EUR
Bone grafting
850 EUR
Sinus lifting
650 EUR



Oral hygiene
Complete oral hygiene
57 EUR



Dental implants
Dental implant (screw)
650 EUR



Prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry
Porcelain crown on metal support
330 EUR
Porcelain crown on implant
360 EUR
Porcelain onley
from 330 EUR
Porcelain veneer
from 330 EUR
Root canal inley
from 80 EUR
from 145 EUR
Teeth laser whitening
385 EUR



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