You do not need to be a celebrity or ridiculously wealthy to get married at castle in Baltic's.


We will organise your travel from home country, wedding ceremony to way back home.






Birinu pils


In ancient times, surrounded by leafy rose bushes, this romantic arbour on the great lake coast has been the meeting place of Renate, the daughter of the Castle owner Alexander fon Pistohlkorss and her lover Paul Moltreht, the son of the forest-guard...


Today it still involves romance and love stories. Year by year it has become a special place for wedding ceremonies. On the beautiful and sunny days the wind makes the wedding march start to sound, and the newly-wedded couple stands on the top of the long row of the stairs scattered with roses to make their way step by step to the altar decorated with flowers.


Room arrangements allow for events of 30 people or large balls for 200 guests. Banquet and function guests may choose to stay overnight as we have accommodations for up to 120.






Jaunmoku pils


The building that is made of red bricks and that has served their owners as a hunting palace, still keeps evidences of old times. The salons of the palace and their interiors will surprise with their aristocracy and also cosiness, but the museum will introduce to Latvian forests and their inhabitants.


When organizing a celebration, where the party is held plays an important role, Palace Jaunmokas is situated between hills in a quiet and picturesque place and offers large and small rooms in the palace and the manor building. If you have planned a celebration in the open air, you can rent the big marquee that will guard you from the wind and rain.




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